Duel Monster/Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Shaming bandwagon.

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Madolche Tea Break!

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Madolche Deck Update - 7/20/14

I’ve gotten a lot of new cards to push out the old substitute cards in my Madolche deck. This makes it a lot faster and a lot more consistent. Take a look:


A 3rd Hootcake, 2nd Anjelly, and Magileines really bring my deck closer up to par with the standard decks I see. Better spell and trap cards like Forbidden Lance, Breakthrough Skill, Wiretap, and Solemn Warning have been added to give the deck a more formidable defense. Cardcar D for draw power, but may switch for Maxx “C” later on. Its still far from being finished, I still need to make the side deck and get M-X-Saber Invoker.

I plan on expanding the deck even further with some of the cards I mentioned. In my next expansion I plan on buying:

1x Anjelly

1x Magileine

1x M-X-Saber Invoker

2x D.D. Crow (for side)

2x Tour Guid from the Underworld*

*I’ve been toying around with using Tour Guide in favor of Double Summon + Spell Striker. She’s a lot faster for making Rank 3 Xyz like Leviair the Sea Dragon or Invoker, but I’m not too sure about losing Double Summon completely yet. Might lower it to 1. 

Hopefully soon I’m actually gonna start playing with this deck. The deck itself is only Tier 2 in the current format (and will probably drop lower once Shaddolls start dominating the meta) but I’m comfortable with this deck, I like it. It should at least be good enough for locals. I’ve pre-ordered a box of DUEA and depending on what I pull I might start a Shaddoll or Tellarknight deck. I’m really interested in the latter of those, but  we aren’t getting the cards that make that deck really good in the TCG I hear, and Triveil won’t be out until the set after next, which is my favorite card in the archetype. But who knows, can only wait and see I guess.

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what if people named their kids when they turn 18 so the kid has a name that fits its personality


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"you don’t need medicine it’s all poison"

"nature is better than therapy just look at a waterfall"

"real medicine is fruits and vegetables"


"self-dx is better than professional diagnosis just look at a symptoms list"



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there are no rules in college

Ten months, ten entire months have passed since I have made this post. I made this post while I was at college, I am now home. Moreover, some meme loving fuck, at some time today, I don’t know when, silently left a box of kid cuisine on my doorstep. You bothered to somehow find out where I live, which is quite far from my university by several hundred miles, pay money for a frozen children’s meal, and drive out to where I live, just to meme on me. I can’t believe this is real.

This is mitch’s life now

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who is she

how did they manage to photograph this ghost

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The Photo of gorecorekitty as Pacific Rim’s Mako Mori has been one of our most popular entries and we’re incredibly excited to bring you even more photos of the copilot of Gypsy Danger!

Photos 1-4 by Manny Llanura
Photo 5 by Jason

You can find more from the Cosplay League at the following links

Facebook / Twitter / tumblr / YouTube / Google+ / Vine


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"Alright boys this next scam I got cooking up will get us over 17,000 jawbreakers!" 

image"Sounds promising. What is it this time, Eddy?" 

image "Dashcon."


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